Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Kansai Airports Retail & Services ("the Company") takes the following measures to properly protect and handle personal information of everyone who interacts with the Company.

1. Ensuring the Accuracy and Security of Personal Information
In order to ensure the accuracy and security of personal information, the Company shall take systematic and technological safety measures to prevent unauthorized access to personal information as well as the loss, destruction, falsification and leaking thereof.
2. Properly Addressing Customer Requests 
In the event that a customer makes a request, including, but not limited to, disclosure and correction of his or her personal information, the Company shall properly handle the request in accordance with prescribed regulations.
3. Developing and Continuously Improving Regulations on Personal Information Protection
The Company shall develop and continuously improve regulations pertaining to the protection of personal information.
4. Establishing a Structure for Personal Information Management
The Company shall establish a management structure for the protection of personal information to fit business conditions, in order to properly manage personal information.
5. Collecting, Using, and Providing Personal Information
The Company shall properly comply with prescribed regulations concerning collection, use, and provision of personal information.
6. Complying with Laws, Ordinances, and Norms Pertaining to the Protection of Personal Information
The Company shall comply with laws, ordinances, and norms that apply to the protection of personal information.

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Terms of Use: Kansai Airports Group Social Media

Kansai Airports Retail & Services hereby establish the terms of use as follows in order to realize valuable communication with users in operating the Company's official social media account.

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